The Cowcross Review

JSheekey by Pat Kua
March 13, 2008, 3:52 pm
Filed under: Timeout Top 50 2008

JSheekey, well what to say, no. 30 on the Time Out top 50 list and with our score hitting a very respectable 8/10 for food and 8/10 ambiance.


You are transported off the busy streets of London into a humble dining setting. The experience starts at the door as you are let in by a robust yet friendly doorman who wishes you an enjoyable evening. The front of house is manned by a well suited, smiling gentleman who takes your names and points you in the way of the cloakroom, (well a coat rack pushed up against one of the walls). You are then presented with your waiter who guides you to your table. The restaurant is split up into around four dining areas making the whole experience very personal. We were seated at a table for three, sat back in the corner of one of the central dining areas. We looked out over our other diners admiring their food and trying to guess what fish they had ordered. Like its sister restaurant, The Ivy, you are provided with a basket of crusty bread and some butter, but no side dishes, causing confusion for some of our other diners, our hunger got the better of us and we tucked in with crumbs flying all over the table! I ordered the potted shrimp, which I would recommend to anyone, it was delicious and the shrimp was not too buttery which can be a common problem with such a dish, the plate had a friendly helping of shrimp with just the right amount of toasted bread. Such a starter left you looking forward to your main dish. On recommendation from someone who speaks very highly of the restaurant, I had ordered the famous fish pie. The Pie came out in its own ramekin dish and was bursting with a range of fish in a creamy sauce with a nice helping of mash potato on top, a very filling dish meant that I was defeated around half way through, however, I had enjoyed every mouthful. My companion had ordered fish on the bone and it was so meaty and light in a complimentary sauce, I almost had menu envy, but not quite! There is always room for pudding and I ordered the Muscat Jelly, unless you are a fan of Muscat then this is a dish to be wary of, the alcohol level in the jelly was so high that I managed to eat around a quarter of it, each mouthful was followed by the tort face as the alcohol hit my taste buds. My companions had plums and a very rich and sticky toffee pudding, both dishes looked a perfect round off to any meal and we all enjoyed trying each others. The meal was altogether a hit, so much so that the very next day I booked another table for the following weekend.


One small grumble that we all had was with regards to the service, on a number of occasions we had to disturb the waiters conversations to ask to be served which was slightly disappointing.


All in all a good evening was had by all.


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